Coaching and training for church leaders and communities


Conflict can happen any time that there is difference and tension in a relationship or a group.  It is a normal part of life.  But it can sap the energy out of leaders and communities.

People who are conflict resilient have found a way to walk towards everyday conflicts without being drained or consumed by them.  They are able to think creatively even when in the midst of divisions or anxiety.

My approach to coaching and training focuses on:

Can I have a word, vicar?

Dealing constructively with the conflicts that come at us in ministry

Words that can make a minister’s heart sink. The mind starts to race. What could possibly be the problem?  Have I done something wrong?  Who is upset?  How can it be fixed?

The anxiety can be paralysing…


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Everybody agrees with me that ...

Creating a robust and healthy church culture

How can our differences unite rather than divide us?  How can we walk towards conflict without being distracted from mission?  How can meetings be fun and energising?

How is power used in my church?

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Our world has fallen in

Surviving and thriving after a traumatic incident

Sometimes something seemingly comes out of nowhere.  One of us betrays what we thought we stood for.  How can we carry on? What about justice?  And healing?

Someone to walk alongside.

Word Culture Incident

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